The Medifast Diet Review Within A Review

Every consumer has heard about product and/or service reviews. But what about a review that was written based on a host of other reviews? They do exist, and they can add even more interesting insight into weight loss plans like Medifast. One particular review contains excerpts from actual clients of the plan who are also members of the Viewpoints web site. These members were able to provide some pros and cons about the diet plan. Ease, speed and effectiveness were the top three attributes listed for the Medifast plan. Clients loved the fact that meals were pre-planned as well as pre-sorted because it eliminated both guesswork and time needed for planning.

Another pro was the fact that no calorie or carb counting was necessary, as all of the meals were already nutritionally balanced. Many clients found this to be the reason the Medifast plan was so easy to stick to. Another pro was the fact that the program allows clients to eat as many as six times per day, which eliminates the concern of feeling hungry during the day. There were, of course, cons listed in the Medifast diet review as well, one being the palatability of some of the shakes. Another was a concern expressed for food addicts who may be likely to return to old habits once more foods have been introduced in later stages of the program.