Lack Of Internet Access Violates Human Rights?

If you were uncertain about how much the internet has become a part of our daily lives, you may be interested to know that a reportĀ  by the UN stated that to disconnect anyone from the internet not only violates international law, but also human rights. However, some are unsure whether or not to categorize the internet in this way. This side of the fence believes that technology should not be considered a right; rather, they say technology enables us to find those things which improve our quality of life.

Those who support internet access being named as a human right is accurate, as it cannot be separated from our expression and association rights. This is because, they say, the internet is such a vast resource for information and knowledge. But those who oppose say that we must stop ourselves before heading down the slippery slope of what we consider to be human rights. Before long, they say, we will lose sight of what we as a race put value on. Whether or not internet access will ever be decided or opposed officially as a human right remains to be seen. But meanwhile, engineers still have a significant role to play as the assurers of the safety of all internet users.