Can Help If Your Blog’s Been Hacked

Just as with most other unpleasant events, people tend to wait until it’s too late to protect themselves. And although it may seem like only the big business websites have gotten hacked lately, it’s just as likely to happen to a small web site like yours. While you can’t protect yourself from being hacked, you can take steps to protect your data. The basic rule of data protection is to ensure your information is stored on more than one external source.

External sources can include an external drive, CD or an account with a cloud storage service. Of course, whichever service you are considering will need to be evaluated to ensure that it meets your space requirements before you sign up. can help with this. If you have been hacked, the first thing to do is claim the site as your own. The sooner you do this, the more likely your host will be to believe the site is, in fact, your own. Secondly, you may wish to consider shutting your site down temporarily. Doing this will allow you to stop the hack in its tracks instead of keeping your site running while having to constantly put out fires.