Etiquette Can Play A Big Part In Teaching Internet Safety For Kids

Isn’t it funny how we know to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in real life, but tend not to do so while online? Some experts say it has something to do with the fact that the internet has an air of anonymity, where few are held accountable for their actions because they simply cannot be identified. But just as in real life, anything that is said online can be taken the wrong way. And what can follow can be damaging. Really, the best place to start with your kids where it comes to behaving online is exactly where you started with teaching them to behave in real life.

Every web site that your child uses will likely have a set of rules for its members. And those rules are there for a reason. Explain to your child that the rules are what allows everyone to get the most from the web site, and that not following the rules can result in the banning of your child by the site’s moderators in the name of internet safety for kids. As well, explaining that honesty is always the best policy, both online and off is also a good idea. And just as words can’t be taken back once they have been said, anything posted online won’t go away just because it’s been deleted.