Comparing Free Anti Virus Software – Understanding Program Differences

When trying to select the right protection for your computer, it may seem like there’s a sea of programs to choose from. While choosing one may be difficult, one thing that can help shorten your list is seeing what the differences are between free and paid programs. Most experts agree that the average home computer user won’t need software that incurs a cost, simply because paid versions of software normally contain features that most average users won’t need. But what characterizes reliable free protection software?

Any program worth the download should protect you from all manner of online threats. These include all forms of viruses, including Trojans, worms, keyloggers, rootkit infections and adware. They also include malware, dialers, and spyware. An important thing to consider before downloading any free anti virus software is to read some customer reviews about it. If it is reported to take up a lot of system resources, then it probably isn’t a program you want. The same is true if the software was made by a little-known company. In addition to having an antivirus program, you may also wish to have a malware scanner on your computer to catch any outstanding threats.